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Licht 3/2015
Light is his passion

WZ 4/2014
Streetlight „Jack"

Licht 1-2/2014
Report on Lighting and lamps on the imm cologne 2014

Licht 1-2/2014
Report on Mary -"Mary" makes a career
interior innovation award „Best of Best"

HIGHLIGHT 1-2/2014
Report on Mary - Retractable light object

WZ 12/2013
Report on "Lighting in Morocco"

LPI 11/2013
Report on Mary - individually and variably, new lighting

Licht 10/2013
Report on New Lighting and Design

ON-LIGHT 09/2013
MARY as Product of the Month September 2013

Messedesign Jahrbuch International 2013 / 2014 av edition, 2013
Booth new lighting, Light & Building 2012

TOP Magazin Wuppertal 12/2012
Newcomer for LED-Tubes

Licht 12/2012
Bericht über Nominierung für 6 Awards

WZ-Wuppertal 07/2012
Nico Ueberholz - Pioneered revolution in lighting technology

Radio Wuppertal 07/2012
New LED lamps from Wuppertal - Company founded by architect Nico Ueberholz

Bergische Wirtschaft 06/2012
Report on Lighting Design for Ueberholz