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Atlas Copco Holding GmbH Essen

Conversion of individual areas of the Atlas Copco Holding GmbH in Essen to LED lighting

Conversion of the production hall Gira Giersiepen GmbH & Co. KG in Radevormwald with T8 Tubes

Conversion of business building and production areas.
Busche Elektrotechnik GmbH - Balve

New construction, planning, design and production
2. Prefab world Wuppertal

The expressive and energy-saving "Jack" fits perfectly into the concept of prefab world Wuppertal.
The 21 "Jacks" set here the roads in the right light.
LED-Center Bern - Lightevent

The LED chandelier from the manufacturing line from Ueberholz new lighting won over light artist Kaspar Wetli from Switzerland after Ueberholz GmbH, based in Wuppertal, Germany, presented it at trade fairs. In an unauthorised operation in the dead of night, he installed the gigantic 65-kilo light fitting below the iron Kirchfeld Bridge in Switzerland's capital with the help of mountain climbers and complex pulley systems. However, at first, Wetli's vision of seeing the lights of the chandelier reflected in the water of the river Aare was not realised, as the police stopped his team at four in the morning before they could connect the electricity supply. "Bern would be the first city in Europe with a chandelier under a bridge".

Since the beginning of November, it has been hanging there officially and lights up every evening.
S5-Streetlight project in Marokko

Schüssler Plan GmbH

Manufactory light indirect for the booth of the Schüssler Plan GmbH Düsseldorf
– Stuva meeting Stuttgart November 2013
Vorwerk & Co.KG - Wuppertal

Equipment of different production halls with Ueberholz new lighting T8 –LED tubes
LED-lighting for the Northern Railway route in Wuppertal

Light shows at selected viaducts such as the viaduct at Steinweg and train-stations Loh and Wichlinghausen